The face is smooth and glowing! How Jenn manages to look young in her 50s

The face is smooth and glowing! How Jenn manages to look young in her 50s

The 54-year-old Hollywood actress has published candid shots. Jennifer Aniston showed what she looks like without makeup and retouching.
On the red carpet, the artist shines in spectacular images, and her glamorous beauty image is thought out to the smallest detail.

At the same time, the star of the series “Friends” in ordinary life prefers to do without makeup. Jennifer has never hidden that she wants to grow up naturally and is ready for a change in her appearance.

The actress posted pictures with her pet named Dolly. White dog, German Shepherd, passed away. In the footage, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife is captured with a puppy in her arms: small wrinkles are visible on Aniston’s forehead, but she did not even retouch that.

Fans of the artist admired her photo shoot. “What a beautiful, natural, natural you are”, “And you don’t need any makeup, you are gorgeous!”, “Such cute wrinkles! It’s good that the face is not stabbed with Botox, ”the bloggers wrote.

Fans love Jennifer precisely because she is not afraid to be who she really is. The Hollywood diva is not going to chase eternal youth and go under the surgeon’s knife endlessly.

She considers individuality her main advantage and is not going to change her principles.
Recently, Jennifer Aniston suddenly reunited with her ex-husband. The actress and Justin Theroux were spotted at the restaurant.

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