The Fatty Effect! Ashley Graham in an extremely tight dress was embarrassed at a social event

“The Fatty Effect”: Ashley Graham in an extremely tight dress was embarrassed at a social event

Plus-size model Ashley Graham is a vocal advocate for body positivity. But now, it seems, I have gone too far.

This sultry brunette became famous thanks to her curvy figure. For several years now, Ashley has topped the lists of the most famous and highest-paid plus-size models. And he is rightfully proud of his shape.

Of course, Graham’s weight is far from 155 kilograms, like Tess Holliday’s.

But you can’t call her skinny, like Bella Hadid or Kaia Gerber. This curvaceous beauty weighs about 90 kilograms and proves that with a body like hers, you can wear very stylish outfits.

Fans love Graham, not least because with many of her outfits she shows how to visually eliminate extra centimeters on the waist and hips and emphasize advantages.

For example, recently the paparazzi photographed her in an ultra-fashionable leopard-print dress, which will help any girl visually lose ten kilograms. This outfit is a reference example of how to look slimmer and sexier at any weight.

But now something has gone wrong. Ashley went to a party in Paris, where the traditional Fashion Week is currently taking place, in an outfit that would make even a reed look fat.

The white, extremely tight translucent dress outlined her belly and all her folds.

The insert in the abdominal area also looked bad, especially under artificial lighting. It seemed designed to highlight all the shortcomings. The fanaticism of the designers did a disservice here.

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