The happiest day! Pamela celebrates her birthday in a big way

The happiest day! Pamela celebrates her birthday in a big way

Pamela Anderson is loving this stage of her life.

On Monday, the actress and model posted a series of images on her birthday, stating that she is “happier than ever.””Thank you for all the love and birthday wishes,” she wrote in the caption to her post, which included recent photographs of her life.

The photo stack had a black and white image of Anderson gardening, as well as a scribbled statement that said, “I’m going to make life beautiful no matter what it takes.”

The message came as she submitted what appeared to be her first article on Anderson’s “The Open Journal,” an online public notebook that covers “random topics, thoughts, poetry” and more. She provided a link to the journal on

“Today, on my birthday, I’m doubling down on my (and your) writing journey and making it more interactive, embracing the beauty of shared thoughts…”

In her first diary entry, she expressed her desire to create a space where she could read, reflect, and respond to what others were experiencing.

“When my documentary came out, I received so many letters that responded to my writing… that I needed to find a way to be a part of this world,” she told me.

“[…] Journaling has become a natural way to start my day, leaving room in my mind for other passions, a jumping-off point… once I have put my thoughts down… I can let them go…”

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