They appear first time with both their kids since they have 2nd baby

They appear first time with both their kids since they have 2nd baby

On June 5, They were all smiling as they walked with their two kids, Paloma, one, and Iris, 2 weeks. The ecstatic couple was spotted in public

today since Katharine’s child was born to Penelope on May 21. Christopher pulled Oise in her pram, which was draped in a sheet, while Katharine guided Lyla on a bike.

The pleased parents wore comfortable black clothing for the excursion as the family wandered about Santa Barbara.

Chris announced Eloise’s arrival on May 22 with a heartfelt Instagram post. “We are thrilled to celebrate the arrival of Eloise Christine Arnold Pratt, our second child,” he said.

“Mom and the baby are OK.” We are fortunate and appreciative.” Lyla, on the other hand, will commemorate her third birthday in July.

they lost little time in taking their things to the next level after meeting in 2018. In January of 2019, he proposed, and they wedded in

June of the same year. Astrid met the family now over a year after the marriage, and Christopher and Katharine announced in

December 2021 that they were expecting another child. Now they’re a mother of three, thanks to Isabel!

Christopher also has a son of his first wedding to Anne Faris, named Jack. Jack, who will turn ten in July, is frequently seen with his father and stepmother, as well as Chris.


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