This is what the main beauty heartbreaker from Twin Peaks looks like today

This is what the main beauty heartbreaker from Twin Peaks looks like today

Sherilyn Fenn became famous thanks to two projects – Zalman King’s erotic melodrama Two Moons Merger and, of course, Twin Peaks.

Appearing in the picture of David Lynch, the actress instantly won the love of fans. A charming burning brunette could fall in love with herself with just a glance.

Not surprisingly, in 1990 Us Magazine named her one of the “10 most beautiful women in the world”, and in 1991 People magazine again awarded Sherilyn this title.

The actress owes her unusual beauty to her roots: Italian, Hungarian, Irish and French blood flows in her veins. Despite the fact that in the filmography of Sherilyn there are only a couple of erotic films, the status of an actress of a frank genre has been assigned to her.

All thanks to participation in the scandalous film “Elena in the box”, from the role in which many eminent actresses at one time refused. Sherilyn, on the other hand, showed courage, and, as it turned out, in vain. Critics smashed the film to smithereens, and the audience recognized it as perverted.

After that, Fenn’s career literally went into decline. Almost all the pictures in which she starred were rated low.

After Fenn married musician Toulouse Holliday, from whom she gave birth to a son in 1993, but the marriage ended in the mid-90s. At the beginning of the 2000s, Sherilyn began dating Dylan Stewart and in 2007, when she was 42, the actress gave birth to a son, Christian.

Now Fenn is alone, but often remembers her first love – Johnny Depp. The actress still considers this relationship one of the happiest in her life.

Now 58-year-old Sherilynn is fully engaged in raising children, yoga and spiritual enlightenment. She looks completely different now. Fenn had deep wrinkles and a dull complexion. But the actress was able to accept herself as such and not lose her seasoned charm.

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