This poo artist was ignores and rejected by all but suddenly this kittens decided to enjoy his music

This poo artist was ignored and rejected by all but suddenly these kittens decided to enjoy his music

If you think cats don’t comprehend feelings and emotions, you must watch this video. It’s a touching moment in which a number of cats band together again to assist a street artist, and it’ll make you grin.

The street musician was allegedly depressed because he couldn’t get anyone to start listening to him sing because he couldn’t reach an audience.

The cats starting flocking about him and took interest at his painting at this time.

Four kittens were soon enthralled by the incredible music that even this man had created without using a instrument and his incredible voice.

Just one movie was shot on a Malaysian street and has now been distributed by individuals around the globe thanks to facebook and twitter.

It was really u huge support and love given by the kittens to the artist which was desperatly willing to gain some attention and love. His audience was not huge but it was enough to feel content and satisfied.

Even a samll support and help can help a person not to become desperate.

Over 2.5 million people already viewed this movie, all you’ll have to do now is push on record button to watch it again. Cheers!

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