This young man is feeding this tine little kitty right in Metro

This young man is feeding this tine little kitty right in Metro

Riding the metro in New York City will always be entertaining. You rarely know what you’re going and seeing.
Gillian Williams was taking the metro when she came across an incredible vista.
She chose to photograph the sight in memorizing it. It was quite touching and heartfelt.

She noticed the man in the metro with a little kitten wrapped in cloth on his lap. He was nursing the small cat with a milk in the sweetest way possible.
It’s really heartwarming to see that there are still individuals on our planet that care for these adorable animals.

It was unbelievable to witness a man feeding such a cute little creature. The woman’s heart melted at a certain moment.
It demonstrated a man’s compassion for animals.
Aside from photographing this lovely picture, she resolved to approach that man and exchange a few words.

He claimed he discovered the adorable kitten in an alley and decided to save her.
He wanted to contribute everything he had.
Robert observes that the small kitten adores the guy who saved her. He was the only person who cared about the cat’s well-being.
The cat was staring at him intently while he was feeding her.

It’s incredible to meet folks who are so generous.
Watching them makes you realize that the world is a better place for wandering creatures.
This anecdote brightened the lady’s day!

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