Unashamedly a swimsսit queen! See Kelsea’s hottest biкini photos

Unashamedly a swimsսit queen! See Kelsea’s hottest biкini photos

Kelsea Ballerini, the country singer, isn’t afraid to show off her great biкini physique in front of her fans. The singer has worn sultry two-pieces in a number of Instagram photographs, demonstrating that she has a fantastic body that looks great in swimwеar.

Kelsea’s slim body is the result of a lot of hard work. She maintains a constant training routine that keeps her long legs appearing toned and slim and her belly firm. “I’ve been working out with Erin Oprea, my trainer, for five years.

“We’re on Zoom three days a week and do a lot of strength training intervals, where you alternate two exercises until you’ve burned that muscle group, then move on,” the “Miss Me More” singer said to Shape magazine in March 2021.

“We pack everything into 45 minutes and call it a day.” It’s really helped me understand that exercising isn’t only about how I look; it’s also about how I feel,” Kelsea remarked. “I also give myself a lot of grace.”

There are days when I take a lot of breaks between sets and my exercise isn’t the finest in the world, and that’s fine. I never want working out to seem like a chore.”

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