Velvet Trousers and a Lace Appear in GG’s Anniversary outfit

Velvet Trousers and a Lace Appear in GG’s Anniversary outfit

GG is no stranger to donning a killer outfit, but her most recent ensemble is simply stunning.

On Sat night, while commemorating her anniversary with family and friends, the model was caught wearing a lace outfit with a lot of detail.

She pulled off the face outfit while shooting for a few which was before shots in a Nyc eatery. She wore a ground white lace coat with

billowing sleeves that trailed after her. The coat, which had a swirly design, went well with her leggings and bra.

Gigi donned lotion heels and piled many diamond earrings to stick with all look. Her hair was yanked in a low curling pigtail, and she used wing liner and a matte lip in her glamorous look.

Her birthday event was attended by her sister and other family members. Bella was caught buying a bunch of flowers before the celebration.

She subsequently said on Snapchat, “Commend you for becoming the finest sister, parent, child, human bean ever,” in a letter to her sister.

Every day you teach me something new, and I simply grin but I’m so blessed to be your baby sister.”

She smiled for shots with her best pals, namely MUA Pat Ta, while inside the party. Pat accompanied a snapshot of the pair with, “Happy Anniversary Princess.”

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