When a dog who has been shackled his entire life sees the water for the first time his reaction is extreme

When a dog who has been shackled his entire life sees the water for the first time, his reaction is extreme.

As dog owners, we understand how important it is for a pup to be able to make friends and interact with other dogs.

People must occasionally hold them on a leash for security reasons, but animals has to be able to operate unrestricted at any and all times.

Unfortunately, due to his uncaring owner’s mistreatment, this magnificent German Shepard was unable to live a free life. He has been tethered to a pole as well. He was finally captured and taken to a shelter for his gratification.

Despite the fact that he was embraced by a wife and kids, the sun appears to be rising again in the area.

Herschel, on the other hand, is a cheerful, lively, and energetic dog, which his owners appreciated.

Rocky Kanaka’s “Dog’s Day Out” campaign provided Herschel with an experience he will never forget.

They would give him a day of joy and pleasure as first thing that they did for him. The road trip started with some hours of snow in the mountains. Herschel, as you can expect, was ecstatic about the new fuzzy material.

Herschel was now willing to try new things, fly, and feel what he had been missing. The best is yet to come.

The beach was the next stop. And the dog’s reaction ever since he first sees water is incredible. He simply couldn’t help himself.

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