A stray unhappy dog left in a park by her parents was welcomed by the police officer that saved her life

A stray unhappy dog left in a park by her parents was welcomed by the officer that saved her life

A bruised, and neglected stray dog cross rested peacefully in a Bloomington, Indiana park. The sad dog pleaded for help with her gaze as the joyful hikers walked by.

This continued until a man approached her. Because the dog showed signs of direct mistreatment, he contacted the local police!

It was true passion for Sergeant Jeff Hardy, who came closer and closer.

But this isn’t the right thing to do, and he had the plan to unfortunately get the dog to the rescue. It was, unfortunately, locked!


The rescue dog was then moved to jeff’s place. Jeff’s beloved had just came back to his place and, just took the decision of taking this dog home with him.

As well as the kid got along so well with the woman’s various pets that they finally left her for smth better ! They took the dog to the veterinarian the following morning.

The youngster have been through a lengthy therapeutic… Daisy needed immediate actions to get some help and be rescued.

She ceased being terrified of loud noises after several weeks, started to play, and during some period got increasing confidence in the homeowners.

“When I go to work, Daisy tried to enter to the apartment window and was looking at me.” She is waiting me to return from work every day..”, Jeff told so about the dog.

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