Brit posted a frightеning nаked photo against the backdrop of a divorce from her husband

Brit posted a frightеning nаked photo against the backdrop of a divorce from her husband

This marriage was predicted to collapse soon. But Britney’s fans wanted to believe that she still found true love – the very soulmate that everyone dreams of. Alas, the miracle did not happen.

On August 16, it became known that Britney Spears and her young husband Sam Asghari were divorcing. This was reported by sources of the TMZ portal, and then insiders confirmed this to other foreign media.

On the same day, the paparazzi photographed the star driving a car, and there was no longer a wedding ring on her finger.
The union lasted 14 months. If you remember that the star’s first marriage to Jason Alexander lasted two days, this is not so little.

What happened in the singer’s family? After all, Sam was with her for five years, while she was under the guardianship of her father – although the parent did not allow her to marry. He protected his beloved from hate and rumors, took care of her, protected her.

The reason, according to the couple’s acquaintances – and by simple logic – is one. Oddly enough, this is the very long-awaited freedom that Britney so longed for. Getting rid of official custody allowed the couple to get married, but it also eventually destroyed their relationship.

Britney, having become free, went into all serious trouble – so much so that even the fans were taken aback. Crazy revelations, “nаked” photos, constant scandals in crowded places, eccentric antics… Few men can endure this – of course, if he himself is not a freak.

There are two main versions of what happened. According to the first, Britney managed to cheat on handsome Sam. And it happened during the vacation, in which she flew away alone. Actually, then the first rumors began that the gap was inevitable.

The second is that Sam is simply tired of enduring a not quite adequate little wife that no one can control. Familiar couples say that the star constantly made scandals and even fought with her husband.

Now Sam has moved out from Britney and lives separately. And Spears has already hired divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who handled the divorce cases of Kim Kardashian, Johnny Depp and Kevin Costner.

The ex-lovers themselves have not yet given comments to the press. Asghari generally remains silent, taking a break even on social networks. But Britney posted a post that scared fans. In the photo, the former pop princess poses in a biкini on a horse.

“Urgently buy a horse! So many options it’s hard to choose! I can’t decide, ”the star signed.

“What a strange smile she has in this photo”, “It seems she needs the help of specialists”, “Does she really think about a horse at the time of the divorce?”, Internet users began to discuss this picture.

It’s sad to admit, but Britney’s help might really be needed. After all, it was after the last divorce that the star’s mental problems worsened so much that she needed treatment and subsequent custody.

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