Britney in lace раntiеs performed a hot dance, but not everyone liked it

Britney in lace раntiеs performed a hot dance, but not everyone liked it

A teen idol from the 1990s and once a real pop princess of the world scene. The incredible popularity of the smiling blonde is far in the past. Now the name of Britney Spears, if mentioned, is only in scandalous news, most often associated with difficult family relationships.

The fact is that for more than 10 years the artist has not been able to prove her capacity and is forced to remain under the care of her 67-year-old father, James Spears.

All this time, the celebrity is unable to manage either finances or personal life. For example, without the consent of a relative, Britney cannot even marry her longtime boyfriend Sam Asgari.

Almost 30 million followers on Instagram (an extremist organization banned in Russia) closely follow all the ups and downs of Spears’ difficult fate. True, lately the star has been more likely to scare her followers than please her with fresh publications,

because the videos and photos that Britney shares on the microblog raise great doubts about her mental health. On camera, the girl not only tells rather strange things (for example, how she “laughed all summer”), but also performs ambiguous dances.

One of the latest was a semi-erotic dance to Madonna’s song. For his performance, Britney wore heels, lace panties and a red top, which she most likely made herself, simply by wrapping her breasts with a cloth.

At the same time, Spears does not utter any words, repeating the movements with concentration. By the way, there are almost no rave reviews in the comments. On the contrary, fans express concern that the artist is behaving rather strangely and advise her to seek professional help.

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