Britney Spears dances in her underwear with enormous knives as fans are concerned over a scary video

Britney Spears dances in her underwear with enormous knives as fans are concerned over a scary video.

I messed up again. Britney Spears admitted she’started playing’ in the kitchen as she danced about in a skimpy costume with two very sharp cooking knives.

Britney Spears had fans worried as she stripped down to her pants and danced about carrying two big kitchen knives.

The pop princess wore barely-there white pants tied together by hefty plastic buckles and went barefoot while clutching two massive blades.

Britney wore a burnt orange crop top with white polka dots on top, allowing her blonde hair to flow wild and free around her shoulders as she danced for the camera.

Britney accessorised her throat with a slender black choker, while her make-up was glam, with dark liner around her eyes and a matte lip.

In the background, her three dogs could be seen watching as she used the knives to her advantage, incorporating them into her chaotic dance.

Britney showed off her tiny waist and tight thighs while twirling and parading for the camera, captioning the bizarre video, “I started playing in the kitchen with knives today.”

“Don’t worry, they are NOT real knives!!!!” she reassured supporters. “Halloween is almost here!!!”

Britney body-popped and spun with them near to her face and belly, and they appeared to be genuine.

It follows claims that Britney “has a fascination with knives” earlier this year, with sources saying that those close to her “prepared a list of recommendations” after her conservatorship ended.

One of the suggestions was to “keep knives away from her.”According to TMZ, the celebrity sees the blades as a “means of protection,” and she is “constantly afraid of being re-institutionalized.”

According to a documentary, Britney sleeps with a knife beneath her bed because she is afraid of someone breaking into her house in the middle of the night and “strapping her to a gurney and taking her to a psych ward.”

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