Britney Spears shares tоpless shower video to celebrate her birthday! expressing my freedom

Britney Spears shares tоpless shower video to celebrate her birthday! expressing my freedom

Britney Spears rested beneath the water while listening to LL Cool J’s smash song, ‘Doin’ It,’ dressed only in red biкini bottoms fastened at the sides.

Britney Spears piqued her fans’ interest on December 13 when she released a risqué Instagram video of herself “expressing” her “freedom.” In the eye-catching video, the 41-year-old singer, who celebrated her birthday earlier this month,

was standing under water in a shower while tоpless and wearing red biкini bottoms with side ties. She had her hair up and grabbed onto her chest the entire time as she performed slow dance steps to the extra tune, “Doin’ It” by LL Cool J.

“41 and finally expressing my independence has never felt so good!! This year, I’ve been passionate about learning to accept myself. She captioned the photo, “I’d rather be in my skin than wear my skin!!!!.”

After the video was published, her fans were quick to respond in the comments area. One follower inquired as to why the video appeared to be released and then deleted before being re-posted, while another simply stated, “Love you.”

A third commented on the poor water pressure in the shower, while a fourth added, “Hot momma!!”Britney’s latest video comes after she made headlines for giving off “…Baby One More Time” music video vibes by wearing a plaid skirt on a plane.

She wore it with a white long-sleeved top with ruffled sleeves and let her hair down as she stood in the jet, smiling.

“New York City, here I come!! “How about those apples?” she captioned the video, which was put to The Outfield’s ’80s hit “Your Love.”

Britney also recently disclosed that she has begun practicing meditation, and that her husband Sam Asghari believes she has “gone bonkers” for doing so. “I am that meditation bitch now…”

My hubby hates it… On December 10, she posted a 1961 black and white photo of a little girl dancing in front of a bear in Paris, France, with the caption, “He thinks I’ve gone crazy.” “My masseuse always does it and looks so peaceful…”

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