Buttоcks of dreams! 56 yearold Nicole Kidman showed a luxurious figure on the beach, she looks 18

Buttоcks of dreams! 56-year-old Nicole Kidman showed a luxurious figure on the beach – she looks 18

I can’t believe that by the age of 60 you can have such ideal body parameters!

Nicole Kidman will turn 57 in June 2024, but listen…does this Hollywood diva really look her age? New photos from the beach in Australia make it clear that the actress managed not only to maintain excellent skin quality,

but also amazing parameters and shape. For her surfing outing, she wore a swimsսit that highlighted her butt—it’s toned and looks like Nicole is only 18 years old!

After all, such a figure is a precept from parents laid down in childhood, and the story of Nicole Kidman only confirms this. Morning jogging is a common routine for the diva. According to the star, as a child, her parents instilled in her and her younger sister a love for a sports lifestyle.

While other families went to cinemas and cafes on weekends, Nicole and her relatives enjoyed long-distance running.

Of course, one cannot help but pay attention to the actress’s strict diet. Nicole Kidman does not drink alcohol, sugar or salt at all. Before the Oscars, she eats only boiled meat and drinks kefir for two whole weeks – such a strict diet allows her to lose about 6 kg in a week.

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