Fans in the UK believe she is sending asecret signal by dancing in a diamanté thong biкini

Fans in the UK believe she is sending asecret signal by dancing in a diamanté thong biкini

I messed up again. Britney Spears dragged her thong low on her waist as she writhed in front of the camera, appearing to offer supporters a’secret sign’.

Fans believe they have seen Britney Spears give them a’secret signal’ while performing her latest provocative dance in front of the camera.

Britney has been showing off her famed skills day after day since splitting from her husband Sam Asghari last month, but one disturbing video filmed in her home sent off fans’ internal alarms.

Britney wore a spaghetti strap crimson bra top that was studded with silver diamonds and made of a satin material that reflected the light as she twirled and grooved.

Britney wore a camouflage thong that slipped lower and lower on her hips as she teased the camera, pulling them ever lower.

A pair of camel point-toe kitten heels completed her look, exposing her thighs and midriff and highlighting the sunburn accumulated at her collarbone.

Britney wore her blonde hair in an extravagant half-up, half-down ‘do, a slender black choker around her throat, black kohl around her eyes, and bright pink lipstick.

Britney was seen swinging her arms and getting down to the ground as she danced, but one finger movement stood out.
The Oops… I Did It Again singer interlaced one index finger straight up and the other on its side to form what appeared to be a number four or an H.

Britney simply captioned the photo with a sequence of Australian flag emojis, leaving the rest to the imagination – and fans’ imaginations quickly ran wild.

“Looks like she’s sending us secret signals?” one user wondered. “What’s with the hand signs?” someone else inquired.

“Can someone give me a hint as to what she’s up to?” another fan asked. “There’s something I’m missing!”

Britney announced in a since-deleted post that she is “single as f***” following her high-profile breakup, replying to fans who are desperate for new music and echoing Selena Gomez’ new hit.

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