Hayek posed on a chair in a swimsuսit with a plunging neckline! Photo

Hayek posed on a chair in a swimsuսit with a plunging neckline! Photo

Hollywood actress of Mexican origin Salma Hayek posted a photo on Instagram on August 23 showing herself in a black swimsսit with a cleavage.

The actress poses in the frame, sitting on a chair with a cup in her hands. She completed her look with a white hat and dark sunglasses. During the shoot, Hayek crossed her legs.

“Who loves coffee?” – the celebrity signed her photo. Hayek often shows off her figure in a swimsսit and her face without makeup.

The actress leads an active lifestyle. On July 19, Hayek admitted on the Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast on Spotidy that she regularly visits a cosmetologist. She said that she undergoes microcurrent procedures and radiolifting of the face and body, but does not undergo beauty injections.

According to Hayek, she also gets good results through regular meditation. Hayek said that when she appears in public after meditating, people say: “Oh my God, you look 20 years old again.”

And if she skips meditation, her face and body begin to sag, and intervertebral hernia, problems with the neck, hip and ankles also worsen.

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek posted pictures on Instagram on April 14 in which she is depicted without makeup during a photo safari in Kenya.
The actress poses in the frame against the backdrop of local landscapes in a white T-shirt and khaki jacket.

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