Hazelnut is the name given to this small beautiful dog that was delivered with greenish fur

Hazelnut is the name given to this small, beautiful dog that was delivered with greenish fur

Nature never can ever stop surprised with her ability to make us be amazed in ways that none of us could expect.
Cristian Gallucci, an Italian grower, lifted his brows in amaze in this occasion. In reality, Christian’s favorite animal, She, just made very comfortable life gorgeous puppies.

“What’s wrong with something like that?” you might wonder. The fact that one of the puppies has green fur from birth!
Because of its distinctive light green coat, the little critter was given the name Pistachios right away.

The remainder of the babies, like their mom, were born with lotion hair. White or light pups are quite unusual, to say the least.
There are 2 distinct explanations for this.
Fur may turn blueish green in the pregnancy owing to the presence of a particular pigment in the womb called biliverdin, or due to the presence of the very first excrement of newborns (called watery discharge).

The four brothers of the strange pup have all found new families, but Christian has decided to keep Pistachio. With Spelacchia’s help, Christian intends to educate him on how to look after the sheep.

Hazelnut fur, however, does not pass always.
It is already becoming to take on a more “natural” tint. However, Christian’s favorite book will always recall him of how uncommon he was conceived!

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