he seriously injured woman was rescued from a vehicle accident by a wandering

The seriously injured woman was rescued from a vehicle accident by a wandering German Shepherd, who dragged her over 100 feet to the road to seek aid.

Shannon sought to cool it down after a fight without her hubby by traveling alone, as she usually did in similar situations.

Her preparations, however, were thwarted by a dreadful event. She made a mess of her car while traveling at a fast pace and, tragically, was involved in a car crash.

She was catapulted from the driving seat through the back window as a result of the forceful hit.

The woman had been thrown out on the grass. She was gravely hurt and was on the verge of passing out.

The region was sadly deserted during the day, so the poor girl realized that only a surprise could save her life.

How this fairy godmother came close to the wounded woman was a surprise. The puppy’s presence gave her optimism that she would be able to survive.

Shannon encircled the intelligent dog’s neck with both fingers, anticipating him to save her.

The courageous dog pulled the wounded woman over 100 feet to a neighboring road, where she was seen by a passing motorist.

Shannon was grateful to God for sending her the angel at the right time.The German Shepherd was given the title Hero after his bravery, and he was transferred to the Humane Society.

The fortunate woman traveled there to see her hero and convey her sincere appreciation to him.

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