In a little red biкini, Elizabeth Hurley, 58, looks so toned all over

In a little red biкini, Elizabeth Hurley, 58, looks so toned all over

It’s no secret that famous people adore biкini photos. A little sly and conceited, but a terrific way to flaunt all of their hard work in the gym. Honestly, we adore the swimsսit inspiration.

Who is the unofficial queen of the biкini photo, though? Elizabeth Hurley has a strong case that we are making. The 58-year-old model and actress spoils her fans on social media by posting pictures and videos of herself all year long wearing different beach outfits.

We mean it when we claim something is regular. That is to say, her most recent post was made less than a day ago and featured a collection of videos showing Liz swimming in a pool while donning a little red biкini.

The classic triangle top had halterneck straps with a gold chain connecting the two cups, and she wore matching low-rise pants with side straps made of the same gold chain.

Elizabeth’s incredibly toned body was flaunted by the little design, which especially emphasized her long legs and core.

In addition, she was wearing a full face of cosmetics, complete with glossy lip gloss and a smokey eye look, even though she was swimming underwater.

Elizabeth noted in the caption that her visit to Thailand’s Chiva Som wellness spa is coming to an end. Since announcing her arrival in a video posted over two weeks ago, she has been keeping her admirers updated on her stay.

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