Romeo’s dog made Vicki very upset. “Don’t you dare touch! It’s mine!”

Romeo’s dog made Vicki very upset. “Don’t you dare touch! It’s mine!”

Victoria Beckham’s latest Instagram Story was hilariously ruined by her son Romeo’s mischievous dog Simba, who attempted to destroy her £370 advent calendar.

The fashion designer, 48, was showing off the lavish candle assortment by Diptyque on Sunday when the pooch began crawling all over the box.

A furious Victoria exclaimed: ‘Simba! What are you doing? Simba is trying to take my advent calendar which I am very excited about.’

Putting him in his place, the former Spice Girls singer added: ‘This is mine Simba, hands off!’

It comes after Victoria’s flagship London store had no queues on the biggest day in the shopping calendar. Photos taken at 10am on Black Friday, November 25, show no one waiting to get in to the store on Dover Street as it opened its doors on the busiest shopping day of the year.

Despite the cost of living concerns, Barclaycard Payments, which processes £1 in every £3 spent in the UK, said that on Friday the volume of payments remain consistent compared to the same period on Black Friday 2021.

High street shops such as Primark saw huge queues whereas the upmarket area of Mayfair – where Victoria’s shop is based – didn’t appear to have the same scenes.

Victoria’s social media also points her customers to shop online rather than in person.

Earlier this year it emerged that Victoria’s high end clothing company has debts of £53.9million.

The star launched her fashion label in 2008 with a small collection of dresses. It swiftly grew to an extensive range that now includes handbags, coats, shoes and accessories.

But now the brand faces an uncertain future as a spokeswoman for Victoria confirmed the figures for her fashion label with The Mirror.

A report said: ‘Total revenues for the Victoria Beckham Holdings group fell 6% to £36.1m (2019 – £38.3m) due to the effects of the global pandemic.

‘This group rapidly responded to the effects of the pandemic and controlled its cash and expenditure which led to a significant reduction in its operating losses by 57%, thanks to cost efficiencies across the business and the recalibration of its business model to make it sustainable for the longer term.

‘Victoria Beckham Beauty continues to expand its portfolio with a number of successful product launches in this year with best in class in clean luxury beauty and skincare.’

Despite the big losses, the Beckham’s global empire has reportedly doubled its profits. Annual accounts filed with Companies House in London showed the pair made £11.6m in the year ending December 2020 despite the pandemic – compared to £4.5m in 2019.

In accounts submitted in 2021, auditors warned of ‘significant doubt’ about Victoria’s fashion company’s ability to continue operating when it was reported that the company had racked up debts of more than £46 million since it launched.

Friends of the star said at the time that she is determined to continue with her company even though her detractors have dismissed it as a vanity project.

One said: ‘This is what gives Victoria her identity, she loves it and despite its obvious obstacles, she is a grafter and hugely passionate about it.’

In February 2021, it emerged that Mrs Beckham’s beauty range she set up in 2019 had suffered a loss of £4.7 million.

A spokeswoman for Mrs Beckham said: ‘Whilst 2019 was a challenging year, the business halved its losses – a significant step in the road to profitability. The launch of the hugely successful beauty line in the same year helped drive overall revenues up 7% on 2018 and both businesses are focussed on profitable growth.

‘The showcase of the recent AW21 fashion collection has been well-received by fashion critics and the beauty business has seen multiple sell-out products in recent months.’

MailOnline contacted Victoria’s representatives at the time for comment.

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