Three of the Italy sea hotel’s puppies guards saved the lives of 14 people including eight children

Three of the Italy sea hotel’s puppies guards saved the lives of 14 people, including eight children


The incident occurred in the Sperlonga town, which is halfway on the road of Rome and Naples.

Three family who were stranded at sea were pulled back to shore by shelter dogs. Three families swam in the sea, 100 m from the coast, on foam mattresses and various boats. There were eight kids among them.


The waves risen, and people were dragged farther and further into the water.

They were unable to jump to the coast, and some of them drowned. People had no choice but to seek aid.


On the seashore, a young girl noticed that people were in risk. So she didn’t panic at all.

She dashed to the adjacent station in search of the authorities. Three Labrador rescue dogs were dispatched to assist.


The dogs swam back and forward between numerous times, and all of the tourists were on the beach within 10 min.

On the beach, 4-year-old Ero, Maya who is about 7, and Mira were lauded as superheroes.


Over 400 individuals who were on the shore at the time witnessed the operation.

The dogs were cheered heartily after all the rescued children were safe.

The governor of Sperlonga, Armando Cusan, said the decision to integrate dogs in the saving mission was perfect.

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