Ukrainians leaving with their animals: heartbreaking moments of this sad moment see the pictures under

Ukrainians leaving with their animals: heartbreaking moments of this sad moment, see the pictures under

As a result of the harsh conflict in Ukraine crisis, many people flee their lives in order to be spared. They do not, however, wish to abandon their pets and attempt to cross countries with them.

According to sources, Poland, Slovak, and Bulgaria now allow individuals to bring their dogs across the borders without a veterinarian certificate.

Nonetheless, many creations, but lovely puppies, require food, housing, and care. The good-natured volunteers, on the other hand,

remain in their native nation to preserve and care for the lovable animals. Here are a few groups in need of your assistance in rescuing homeless animals.

This organization is growing money for having something to eat and shelter for stray dogs and cats. They have been of great aid to them for many years. They’re currently residing there to keep them safe.

This charity assists creatures in shelters by providing medication and proper care. The crew is now looking for information about the animals and their deficiencies.

All animals are alive and have food for a few days, according to their Facebook page.

However, getting all the items they require is a major challenge. Since 2009, this organization has been assisting stray animals in Ukraine.

In this difficult position, they feel compassion for numerous homeless creatures. On their website, you may make a donation.

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