When two ewes battle their antlers smash with all entire might see their pictures

When two ewes battle their antlers smash with all entire might see their pictures

While two elephants fight, their long, muscular necks shove each other aside. When two visual engage in combat,

however, it seems from the side that their actions are entirely non-aggressive and that they are simply cuddling warmly.

Throughout a trip to Chile, Brazilian artist André Johansen de Assumption photographed beautiful visuals.

He traveled to the Atacama Desert National Park specifically to photograph the native wildlife. When the cameraman was driving a vehicle,

he stumbled through the visuals unexpectedly, and two creatures leaped out next to him and started jumping upon one another.

“The images came out to be quite gorgeous,” the artist adds, “since the sun had set at the moment and the hue of the light harmonized with the yellow mirror of the visuals.”

In a fight, each visual attempts to push his adversary higher. Both the power of the neck, as seen in giraffes, and whole-body pushes are employed.

The vicious bite is extremely hard to even during battle, which seems to be a hug or a strange dance externally.

Vicunas are 3 – 4 times close relatives. Vicunas are the ancestors of tamed alpacas.

Most South African hooved animals, including visual, capybaras, farm animals, and guanacos, are so near that they may mate and have inter-specific progeny.

Teenage boys are ejected from the herds and forced to survive on their own. De Assumption documented a battle between adolescent boys seeking possession.

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