48 yearold Gwyneth Paltrow showed her figure without plastic surgery in a biкini

48 yearold Gwyneth Paltrow showed her figure without plastic surgery in a biкini

The actress showed off her toned body. During quarantine, she gained almost 7 kg, but managed to lose 5 kg in 9 weeks.

Hollywood actress and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow shared a photo on her page on the social network Instagram in which she poses in a biкini.

A mother of two children stands on the shore and looks at the ocean. At the same time, her figure looks toned and natural. The actress did not follow the example of her show business colleagues and did not adjust, for example, the shape of her breasts, preferring to maintain its natural appearance.

“I’m always happy near or in the sea! My @goop team and I are set to join @celebritycruises on their new ship Celebrity Beyond in 2022. I’ll be behind the scenes working on some special projects as Celebrity’s new Wellbeing Advisor.

My The @goop team is curating programming and fitness kits to improve Celebrity’s health. I’m sworn to secrecy about everything else. “Stay tuned for more details coming soon,” the caption read.

Among those who liked the photo of the Oscar-winning actress were many famous personalities: Jennifer Aniston, Ariana Grande, Paris Hilton. And the beloved of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, shaman Durek, even confessed his brotherly love to her.

Gwyneth recently complained that she had gained over 6 kg of weight during isolation, so she decided to give up pasta and cheese and switch to vegetables and fruits. In nine weeks she lost 5 kg.

As for the Goop brand that the celebrity mentions, this is her lifestyle empire, founded 12 years ago, whose products and policies cause a fair amount of skepticism among many.

For example, under this brand, the actress sells in an online store a spray against energy vampires, stickers that increase vitality, stones charged with Gwyneth’s personal shaman for $85 apiece, and candles with the scent of Paltrow’s orgаsm.

Despite the fact that sensible people are perplexed by such a product. The actress’s empire is expanding year by year.

Goop currently offers cosmetics and skin care products, a clothing line, nutritional supplements and vitamins, furniture, decor items, fitness programs by trainer Tracy Anderson, and much more.

On last Valentine’s Day, the actress introduced a new product in her online store – a double-sided vibrator for $95. It has eight speeds, and the blurb says that if you leave it on the bedside table, it will not confuse anyone, as it looks like a work of art.

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