Are these shorts or uոderwear? Megan walks down the street in an indecent outfit

Are these shorts or uոderwear? Megan walks down the street in an indecent outfit

True, with her figure, this is quite possible to afford.

No wonder Megan Fox is considered one of the most seductive Hollywood divas.

Once upon a time, Megan was, though pretty, but quite an ordinary simple girl. But successful plastic surgery, cosmetologists and stylists (and, of course, her own efforts) helped her turn into a real sеx symbol of our time.

The sexy outfits of this actress can only be envied – even her most daring colleagues do not dare to go out on the red carpet in such revealing dresses. At the same time, Fox paradoxically goes even those outfits that would look vulgar on any other girl.

With her outfits, Megan amazes not only on the tracks, but also in everyday life. Being married to Brian Austin Green, she dressed quite modestly.

But after she got divorced and had an affair with outrageous rapper Machine Gun Kelly, her style became dozens of times bolder and brighter.

Many fans believe that now the 36-year-old star is deliberately young, like a student and is desperately trying to match the outrageous style of her lover.

But do motives matter? Fox has an amazing figure, so it’s a pleasure to admire her in provocative fashion novelties.

For example, take her last exit. Tight and very short shorts made of thin jersey are unlikely to be dared to be worn by anyone other than Fox – at least when going out in public. And the star also complemented them with a short top that opens the stomach.

Of course, conservative Internet users immediately began to condemn the star. Say, no longer a girl, mother of three children – is it possible to dress like that? But avid fashionistas were delighted and immediately inspired by the image of Megan.

By the way, a few years ago, the actress said that she did not consider herself a sex symbol at all and was even a little embarrassed that she was called that. Either since then, Fox has raised her self-esteem great, or she was cunning. We offer you to see what Megan Fox looks like now – both on the red carpet and on ordinary walks.

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