Ashley Graham nearly pops out of her high-waisted biкini while on vacation in saint tropez

Ashley Graham nearly pops out of her high-waisted biкini while on vacation in saint tropez

In the photographs she shared from her vacation, the stunning model sat in the sun and ate a delicious-looking dinner.

Ashley Graham, 35, shared some unforgettable holiday photographs and videos with her Instagram followers this week, some of which included her posing in an eye-catching biкini. In one photo, the model was standing with her arms up and resting in her hair in Saint Tropez,

wearing an animal print biкini top and black biкini bottoms. In another, she was laying down in a boat outside in the sun. In both photographs, she appeared to suffer a wardrobe malfunction, as some skin in her chest area was seen beneath her biкini top.

Ashley also wore sunglasses, bangles, and a black baseball cap in some of the photographs. She wore her hair in a braid at times and appeared to be having a good time as she ate amazing meals and splashed in the water. “sent from my iphone,” she said in the caption.

Ashley’s followers swiftly responded with compliments once the post was shared. “I’m on vacation where I’m from!” “Enjoy!” one follower said, while another said, “Lovely!” It looks fantastic!”

A third described her as “beautiful,” while a fourth said, “Thank you for being so genuine and not editing your photos.” “You are an inspiration to the rest of us.”

Ashley made news a few weeks ago with her look at the Cannes Film Festival before sharing her vacation picture. She showed off her form in a sheer little dress with black lingerie and videotaped herself boldly strolling toward the camera in the provocative outfit.

Her long hair was down, and she had a pocketbook with a short strap in one hand.

Ashley wore her look to the Chopard Art Gala around the same time as the Cannes Film Festival. It was a long silver glittery gown with sleeveless straps and fringe hanging from them. She accented the outfit with dangling purple earrings and a ring, and her makeup included silver eyeshadow.

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