Blake lively shows off her toned figure in swimsսit snapshot

Blake lively shows off her toned figure in swimsսit snapshot

Blake Lively adds some spice to her recent Instagram post.

The mother of four looked stunning in a poolside photo posted to the social media site yesterday, July 27, when she donned a red push-up biкini top with matching high-waisted bottoms, revealing her toned abs.

She placed a white and yellow striped towel around her hips to conceal off a little. She also wore red heart-shaped sunglasses and wore her wavy hair down in low bunches.

“K now I’m gonna draw it with AI…” she said in the description of Guy Aroch’s shot, emphasising it with a heart eye and a pair of baby bottle emojis. “Uncanny.”

It’s unclear whether the shot was done for fun or as part of a campaign or other project—perhaps for her new line of boozy beverages—but fans didn’t seem to care.

“MOTHER IS MOTHERING,” one exclaimed emphatically, while another pondered, “How have you had four children???”

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“Spotted…Serena van derwoodson putting everyone on notice that she is and will always be the Queen…..” Another person said. “sorry Barbie.”

Some thought it reminded them of Taylor Swift, with one remark saying “Red (Blake’s Version)” and another asking, “Why is it giving Cruel Summer music video?”

“I got the ‘Summertime Sadness,'” someone another wrote, referring to a Lana Del Rey song.

“In this situation, do I want to be her or Ryan?” “I can’t tell,” another admirer commented, and based on Ryan Reynolds’ own sizzling photos, it’s difficult to tell!

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