Britney dоеsn’t chаnge hеrsеlf! Anоthеr роrtiоn of the nudе distսrbеd the fаns

Britney dоеsn’t chаnge hеrsеlf! Anоthеr роrtiоn of the nudе distսrbеd the fаns

In recent months, since being released from her 13-year oppressive conservatorship, Britney Spears has made it known that she’s more than enjoying her freedom,

and that includes sharing photos of herself naked—because why not? And on her current trip away with her fiancé Sam Asghari, Brit took another chance to take some totally nude pics (this time on the beach) and share them with the world.

Covering her modesty with some strategically placed diamond emojis, Britney uploaded four photos of herself without clothes on a tropical beach, along with the caption symbol that fans will know represented freedom for the star during her lengthy legal battle against her father and former management team.

Brit’s lawyer is named Mathew Rosengart, and in the run-up to her conservatorship being thrown out, the mother of two has referred to a “Project Rose” several times online.

So far, the sunny bare-all snaps have been Liked more than 1.8 million times and received comments from the likes of Paris Hilton (“Sliving!”) and fitness influencer Cody Rigsby (“Go awwwf mom”).

The global megastar also opted to share a selection of topless photos taken in the ocean, again working some diamond emojis where necessary as Instagram still hasn’t allowed women to #FreeTheNip online.

As for the caption, Britney opted for some more rose emojis:

This isn’t the first time Brit has gone totally naked on the ’gram in recent times either—having previously chosen to share some nude shots taken in front of a bath back at the start of the year (again while enjoying a sunny break).

Giving a bit of insight as to why she shared the photos, Britney wrote in one caption that “free woman energy has never felt better,” which many have interpreted as her referencing a court ruling that her father, Jamie Spears, can no longer play a role in her conservatorship.

Live your truth, queen!

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