Britney Spears faces wrath after fans spot a mysterious lyric in her new dance video

Britney Spears faces wrath after fans spot a mysterious lyric in her new dance video.

Fans chastised the Baby One More Time singer for swaying her body to Beyonce’s Daddy Lessons track in the aftermath of her father’s hospitalisation with a ‘severe infection.’

Britney Spears has caused yet another uproar after fans discovered a strange phrase in her latest dance video.

The 41-year-old posted a video to her Instagram account in which she can be seen dancing about the room in her own distinct style to Beyonce’s Daddy Lessons.

Toxic star Brit, who notably regained control of her life after her father Jamie’s guardianship was revoked in November 2021, has since documented unpredictable routines on social media.

This weekend was no exception, with the mother-of-two busting moves to phrases like “daddy made me dance” and “daddy made a soldier out of me.” It prompted fans to accuse the singer of sending a not-so-subtle message to Jamie.

Following the release of her video, X (previously Twitter) users chastised Britney for bringing Beyonce’s name into her troubles and referring to her father when he is ill.

“I’m tired of people complaining about Britney when she isn’t doing anything wrong,” they wrote. “I believe the main message of the song Daddy Lessons is that the only one she is shading is her own father.”

Another user said, “That video of Britney dancing to daddy lessons makes me want to 911 and I don’t even live in America.” “Britney Spears dancing in lingerie to Beyoncé’s ‘Daddy Lessons’ for a sеxy video?” said a third.

It’s horrible to witness this! Put on some clothing and practise respecting yourself and others.”

“This poor girl is damaged goods,” observed a fourth. With all of her talent, she acts like a P**n Star. Sad.” Britney Spears dancing to Daddy Lessons on Instagram as her father is truly on his deathbed.”It comes on the heels of Britney being “furious” that her father has moved in with her sister, Jamie Lynn. “This obviously enrages Britney for so many reasons,” a source told MailOnline.

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