Britney Spears frolics in her pants after sucking a bandaged finger

Britney Spears frolics in her pants after sucking a bandaged finger

Britney Spears took to social media with another strange video in which she danced about with a bandaged finger, shortly after shocking viewers with her knife-dancing video.

Britney Spears stunned fans by posting a now-deleted dancing video, this time with a bandaged finger.

This comes after she alarmed her viewers last week when she danced around her kitchen wielding two knives. On Sunday (October 8), the Oops!… I Did It Again singer shared a video of herself dancing to Beyonce’s Daddy Lessons on social media.

Britney strutted her thing for her admirers and showed off her talents to her 42.2 million Instagram followers in the video.

The actress wore black boots that reached just below her knee, a black crop top and only leopard print knickers.She had an obvious bandage wrapped around her finger in her original clip,

however she has since erased it and posted a similar one without the bandage. The Womaniser singer wore her long blonde hair down and around her shoulders, framing her beautiful facial features.

She appeared to go makeup-free for the footage, showcasing both her natural beauty and her legendary dance talents. Britney appeared to suck on her bandaged finger, which became the focus of the video.

The strange post comes after she alarmed followers by posting a video of herself dancing with two knives last week. Britney later justified her post, stating she was “just copying Shakira,” who performed a knife performance at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier in September.

Fans were not convinced, and it has since been reported that Police conducted a “wellness check” on the pop artist following the release of the video. The actress called the wellness check a “joke” and vented on social media.

“Is it a joke in the news again with welfare checks?” Britney wrote. Come on, America… aren’t we cooler than that?” Britney drew the image alongside one of a dancer balancing on blades.

“The officers arrived at my house and stated that they would not leave until they spoke with me because people do 4-minute performances with them.” I’ve received an apology. I’ve been bullied at home for a long time…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Don’t just talk about it, let’s do it!!!

“As my mother gives the silent treatment when paparazzi ask about her own daughter, as if I’m in the wrong…It’s an ancient game, to be sure. People must accept responsibility for their acts! For cops, it’s all about power.”

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