Completely nаked Jennifer Aniston starred in a bed scene on The Morning Show

Completely nаked Jennifer Aniston starred in a bed scene on “The Morning Show”

Jennifer Aniston undressed in front of the camera. The actress exposed herself on the set of the popular series.

The movie star showed off her incredible figure as she stripped off for a new episode of The Morning Show. The 54-year-old actress went completely nаked in the bedroom with 52-year-old Jon Hamm.

In the series, Aniston plays news anchor Alex Levy and John plays Paul Marks, a tech billionaire. In the final episode of the third season, “The Stanford Student,” Alex interviewed Paul at his Hamptons mansion.

A tense and difficult conversation sparked a spark between the characters. After the interview ended, they ended up in bed together. Both actors were completely nаked.

Jennifer looked just as impressive as she did in her first bold scene in 2006’s The Separation. The Friends star recently revealed how she manages to maintain a slim figure. She named four main rules by which she lives.

“I drink a lot of water, move daily, try to eat whole, fresh foods and get as much sleep as possible. The last one is difficult for me, but it is very important. I feel this when I don’t get enough rest.

In addition to all of this, I try to be very careful about what I let into my headspace. Our world is really going through some difficulties and I know we are all very concerned about it. But sometimes I think we need to take a break from everything,” Jennifer explained.

Aniston plays sports regularly, and a fitness resource with workouts helps her with this. The star is not afraid of difficult activities. On the contrary, the actress is ready for them and always waits for them.

“I was motivated to train in a way I haven’t been for many years. I look forward to challenging classes and feel stronger and more comfortable in my body when I do them. It’s different every time, I don’t think I’ve taken the same class twice,” Jennifer noted in the 23rd issue of CR Fashion Book.

The Morning Show has already received an early renewal for a fourth season and also stars Reese Witherspoon as Bradley Jackson and Billy Crudup.

The Emmy, SAG and Critics Choice Award-winning drama explores the characters and culture behind the network’s morning news program.

“This is a good and juicy series. Everyone has problems. Everyone has a secret. And everyone just follows the line. This year it’s much more sensual,” Jennifer was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

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