Dakota Johnson’s wardrobe malfunction during Jimmy Kimmel live’ interview

Dakota Johnson’s wardrobe malfunction during Jimmy Kimmel live’ interview

During her late-night appearance, the ‘Daddio’ actress was surprised when her dress came unhooked.

Anything may happen on live television! Just ask Dakota Johnson, who had a wardrobe malfunction on the Wednesday, June 19, broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“Dakota, your dress just came unhooked,” host Jimmy Kimmel commented during the interview. “Are you okay?” Should I grab some Scotch tape?

Dakota, 34, quickly replied, “My dress just fell off! Okay, I’ll just hold it.” Being the professional she is, the Daddio actress proceeded to discuss her latest picture as if nothing was amiss.

“Just hold the important part, there you go,” Jimmy, 56, quipped as Dakota held her chest and laughed.

This isn’t the actress’s first wardrobe malfunction. During a January 2022 appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, the Madame Web actress struggled to sit in her crimson Magda Butrym outfit.

After crossing her legs and laying her hands over her upper thighs, host James Corden inquired, “Are you okay?” Are you okay? “Do you want my jacket?”

Dakota said, “I’m fine.” “It’s nothing nobody hasn’t already seen,” she said, likely referring to her nude scenes in the Fifty Shades franchise.

Aside from fashion, Dakota is excited to co-star with Sean Penn in the new film Daddio. In the film, Girlie (played by Dakota) enters a New York City taxi from JFK

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