Emily stuns in a little red biкini while hitting the beach after dusk

Emily stuns in a little red biкini while hitting the beach after dusk

While taking part in a late-afternoon photo shoot at the beach, Emily Ratajkowski didn’t leave much to the imagination.

The model and actress, age 31, wore a bright red biкini with bottoms that resembled thongs.

She had rips on her thighs and knees in a pair of light blue pants. Her back-parted, dark brown hair reached the middle of her back and was parted in the middle.

She also shared a picture of herself without trousers on.

She stood in the afternoon sun in a dense woodland, her lower body hidden beneath a large frond.

Her hair tumbled erratically down the sides of her face and across her eyes, and a dazzling ring was wrapped around one of her fingers.

After splitting from known womanizer Pete Davidson and ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, she said on social media that she “attracts the worst guys” and that she “attracts the worse men.”

The Blurred Lines star claimed that it is “f**ked up” because males claim to desire a “strong woman,” but when confronted with one, “break her down.”
Emily broke up with SNL actor Pete, 29, last month after a few weeks of dating, however she didn’t specifically mention any of her other relationships.

Following the breakdown of her marriage to Uncut Gems film producer Sebastian amid reports of his suspected adultery, Emily has recently started dating other men.

She added on her High Low podcast: “That’s what I dislike with dating, especially with men.”

They responded, “Yes, you are special. They adore what you’ve done and grow to detest you as they gradually become emasculated and unable to deal with their feelings.

They begin to undermine you, and eventually you find yourself back where you started. And that’s really unfair and messed up because I think a lot of men who genuinely believe they desire a strong woman don’t know how to handle it or what it implies for their own identities.
I feel like I attract the worst men, I told my partner,” she said.

I occasionally feel like f**king. I want a man that exudes confidence. I don’t want a man who is overconfident and attempting to use me as a means of proving his point. Not at all what I desire.

After Christmas, Pete and Emily’s relationship came to an end.

According to a source who spoke to Page Six, “Their affair has moved into the friends zone [and that’s] good with both of them.”

After Ratajkowski and husband Sebastian separated in November, the celebrity pair became linked for the first time.

On November 27, they were seen together at a Madison Square Garden New York Knicks game.

The King of Staten Island actor has been romantically linked to a number of well-known people, including Kate Beckinsale, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Kaia Gerber, Cazzie David, and Ratajkowski.

After four years of marriage, model Emily and producer Sebastian separated in July; she then filed for divorce in September.

In better times in her marriage to Sebastian, Emily gave birth to son Sylvester in March of last year. She refers to him as Sly.

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