Fans continue to wonder as Liz Hurley flaunts her curves in a little biкini.

Fans continue to wonder as Liz Hurley flaunts her curves in a little biкini.

Elizabeth Hurley has no problem showing off her sеxy swimwеаr for her fans, but her most recent revelation had many of her Instagram followers perplexed and wondering the same thing.

Many aspects of Liz Hurley’s most recent sweltering biкini-clad revelation appeared to have slightly diverted her fan base.

Although a significant portion of Austin Power’s fan base was undoubtedly mesmerized by her astonishingly slim figure, attention seemed to be diverted from the soothing exhibit in the water.

The model and actress is currently taking a break and getting much-needed rest and relaxation at the Chiva-Som Hua Hin, a top destination spa resort in the world, where she is staying in a specialized retreat in Thailand.

Liz, who was having a great time at the complex, undressed and showed off her amazing form in a gorgeous marine blue two-piece suit as she went to the plunge pool for some “stretching” with the assistance of a therapist who helped her position her body in the water.

The technique is called Watsu, and if the Gossip Girl’s post is any indication, Liz was skillfully maneuvered about the pool by the expert in a serene and angelic manner.

The style icon wrote in a message to followers: “More pampering at Chiva Som. One of the nicest stretches I’ve ever had is this one from Watsu.”

Fans were perplexed as to why Liz, who is shown getting dressed at the beginning of the brief video clip, was handed some strange “leg devices” to wear while in the water.

One admirer said the following in the comments area underneath the eye-catching show: “Interesting! “What are the devices on your legs?” inquired one person, to which another replied, “I was thinking the same.” A third, who appeared to be more knowledgeable about the strange equipment, said, “Smart idea, my legs always sink.”

There seems to be a controversy regarding whether Liz’s pins’ straps should be considered “floats” to have the opposite effect or “weights” to enhance the stretch.

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