Heather Graham, 53, has a full-frontal hot scene in a bawdy horror flick while possessed

Heather Graham, 53, has a full-frontal hot scene in a bawdy horror flick while possessed

Hollywood diva Heather Graham goes topless and romps with a patient in Suitable Flesh, a horrifying new horror film in which her body is taken over by a demon.

Hollywood’s timeless beauty In a disturbing new horror film, Heather Graham has a full-frontal sеx scene.

In the film Suitable Flesh, the 53-year-old actress plays psychiatrist Dr Elizabeth Derby, who has a romp with one of her patients, Asa, who feels he has a personality disorder. Despite being married, Dr Derby ends up bonking Asa in bed, unaware that he is possessed by a demon.

Dr Derby is shown straddling Asa in bed before being taken over by the demon in steamy scenes. Her eyes widen with surprise as she is possessed by the evil.

It took years for studios to accept the project because they worried it was too sensual for the big screen. However, the film’s director, Joe Lynch, maintained that the bonking was essential to the plot.

“The sеx part was going to be so tantamount to how we were going to tell the story and how character-based it was,” he told Rolling Stone. It was almost a character in the film.”

Lynch clearly desired a “fearless” Heather in his film. He went on to say: “I was just so intrigued by the idea of Heather not just playing straight, but the possibilities of unleashing her onto these other roles, too.”Heather was definitely a fan of my from Boogie Nights, Austin Powers, and Bowfinger.

Particularly on Boogie Nights.” Heather stated earlier this year that she had no regrets about her decision not to have children.

“I think we all have different paths,” she told People. You simply have to accept the path you’ve chosen. I’m sure it would have been cool if I had kids in some way. But, for the time being, not having children allows me to feel liberated. I also get a lot of sleep. That’s fantastic.”

“As a woman, you’re not allowed to say, ‘I didn’t want to have kids,'” she added. Because it’s like, ‘What’s the matter with you?'” However, “women are becoming more free to just make their own choices” in this day and age.

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