Heidi Klum flaunts her peach derriere in a little dress as she leans over the balcony

Heidi Klum flaunts her peach derriere in a little dress as she leans over the balcony.

Heidi Klum, America’s Got Talent judge, made fans sweat when she flashed off her peachy backside in a skimpy minidress and lent over a balcony in Berlin.

Heidi Klum, America’s Got Talent judge, has set hearts racing with her latest photo, which shows her leaned over a balcony in Berlin.

Last week, the actress put her behind on display and uploaded a flirtatious Instagram image from Berlin. The 50-year-old was standing at the window, looking out at the Berlin skyline.

She leaned on the window ledge and gazed over her shoulder into the camera’s lens in the photograph. Behind her beautiful red nails, the star partially obscured her face.

Heidi wore her long blonde hair about her face in her typical way, with her long fringe partially concealing her stunning eyes. She went for a full glam makeup look, styling her face with lots of eyeliner and mascara and flaunting her bevy of bracelets.

She flaunted her supermodel form in an off-white minidress that hugged every curve and appeared partially sheer. She accessorised her seductive appearance with high-knee boots that stretched above her knees to her mid-thigh.

In the cheeky post, the celebrity narrowly escaped a wardrobe mishap by showing off her luscious derriere. Heidi then posted a black-and-white video of herself walking away from the window.

Heidi is no stranger to stripping nаked for the camera, and she recently confessed that she enjoys to walk around her house nаked. “I’m super comfortable nаked today,” she told People. My kids are now saying, ‘Mum, I have a friend coming over.’

“And I’m like, ‘Have I ever been nаked in the backyard when a friend was coming over?” However, the actress admitted that she conceals her assets when her children’s friends visit.

“As soon as someone approaches, I put on my top,” she explained. But if no one is there, the sun is out and the bums are out. Because I wear so many different outfits, I just don’t like tan lines. I don’t want any straps anyplace.

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