I would be ashamed! while Madonna is in intеnsive care, her daughter posted a compromising photo

I would be ashamed! while Madonna is in intеnsive care, her daughter posted a compromising photo

The 64-year-old pop icon Madonna has given serious cause for concern. As it turned out, she is in the intensive care unit of one of the prestigious hospitals.

The singer was found unconscious at her home in New York. The star’s manager said she had to be rushed to the clinic and intubated. “She is suffering from a serious bacterial infection that will require a multi-day stay in the intensive care unit,” the star’s official representatives said.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, it is not known exactly which infection Madonna suffers from. Bacterial infections can affect many organs and parts of the body, including the skin, lungs, brain, and blood.

“Common bacterial illnesses include UTIs, food poisoning, STIs, skin, sinus and ear infections,” doctors say. In just a few days, the pop star was supposed to go on a world tour. But now it had to be postponed.

And while Madonna’s manager says she’s on the mend, he hasn’t said when the singer will be healthy enough to start performing. “We will share more details as soon as we have it,” Madonna’s reps vaguely wrote.

While millions of fans are worried about the condition of the star, her own daughter, Lourdes Leon, does not seem to be worried about the health of her parent at all.

While her mom is in the hospital, Lourdes posted such a candid photo that subscribers are amazed. A lace-up top that almost completely revealed the girl’s chest and low-rise jeans – apparently, the star heiress decided to attract maximum attention to herself.

Commentators bombarded her with criticism and questions. “How can you post half-naked photos while your mom’s health is at stake?” they ask. However, those who follow the life of Lourdes know that she will never miss even the slightest reason for hype.

The 26-year-old heiress of Madonna is constantly trying to match the status of a star daughter. But it turns out she does it very badly.

The girl became famous not for her talents, but for her outrageous antics. Post a photo almost to the head of the network or sparkle on the red carpet with hairy armpits – this she can, and does with pleasure.

Here’s the catch: after every provocative stunt or too revealing outfit, she does not gain fans, but loses some of those who treated her with sympathy. And now, having shown herself as an indifferent daughter. sure to earn even more public antipathy.

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