Irina Shayk in an indеcent pose at an event with the participation of the US President caused bewilderment 

Irina Shayk in an indеcent pose at an event with the participation of the US President caused bewilderment

Irina Shayk visited the celebration in New York. The top model caused the emotional reaction of Russian-speaking bloggers.
In New York, the solemn opening of the center for visitors to the National Monument Stonewol was held.

The event was dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the riots that gave rise to the LGBT community rights movement (the “International Public Movement of LGBT” was recognized as extremist and terrorist, prohibited in the Russian Federation).

The event was attended by US President Joe Biden, who was losing television to Donald Trump on the eve of. The head of state stated that the Stoneoll monument “remains a symbol of heritage and leadership in the LGBT community.”

Among the honored guests was the British singer Elton John. Irina Shayk also visited the opening.
Paul began to emotionally discuss the behavior of top models.

Especially a lot of comments in Russian turned out to be this time. “Suddenly. I thought you had a different look at this movement ”,“ Ira, how is it like that? ”,“ Shayk, well, I definitely don’t suit you, I was disappointed ”,

“ Yes, a very big disappointment, and you are there, Irina. Well, at least in your subscribers, you have adequate people and do not support you at all in this ”,“ The best that Ronaldo did was left you ”,“ This is disgusting, Irina.

Are you a Russian soul, have you really overshadowed your mind so much? ”,“ I don’t understand why to impose their values ​​to people. Do what you want, in your bedroom – this is your right! Previously,

when they told me that a person was worse than animals, he did not understand. Now everything is clear, because even in animals you will never see this! ” – Bloggers write.

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