Kylie is jealous! Kendall Jenner undressed for an immodest home photo shoot

Kylie is jealous! Kendall Jenner undressed for an immodest home photo shoot

Recently, the relationship between the once inseparable sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are experiencing a crisis. This is perhaps the first moment over the years of their popularity, when they stopped supporting each other.

the Kardashian family there was always competition between sisters. But Kendall clearly could not have assumed that the younger sister would once become much more popular than her.

When the sisters were just starting their way, the senior heirs of the Kardashian-Jenner clan already achieved popularity. Therefore, Kendall and Kylie were literally doomed to become superstar. However, then everyone made a bet on Kendall.

The girl has external data suitable for the model, so the older sister Kim Kardashian hired her an instructor to work out walking on the catwalk as early as adolescence. At this time,

Kylie received thousands of negative comments because of a non-standard appearance and a complete figure. But time passed, and everything has changed dramatically.

And let Kendall still manage to make a superuspatic modeling career, it still noticeably lags behind the popularity from the younger sister. Kylie chose another way of self -realization. She decided to build a multimillion-dollar business empire.

So now Kylie is a real business woman and an example to follow millions of girls (read also: “He doesn’t miss Timothy”: Kylie Jenner shared a photo in immodest linen).

But Jenner made her endless novels truly a superstar. The girl regularly surprises fans with unexpected turns in her personal life. Especially everyone was surprised by her new chosen one, actor Timothy Shalame.

These two are so different that it was difficult to even imagine them before. But now they are together and even, according to rumors, are preparing to become parents.

At the same time, Kendall, despite the title of one of the most beautiful girls of the planet, is still alone. Her relationship with the Bad Banny rapper ended at the end of last year. Apparently, therefore,

Kendall decided to attract the attention of the audience with trusted funds. Recently, the girl shared a picture in social networks in which she poses completely topless.

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