Liz Hurley, 58, risks a raunchy costume malfunction when her minidress rides up to reveal her flash pants

Liz Hurley, 58, risks a raunchy costume malfunction when her minidress rides up to reveal her flash pants.

Liz Hurley exuded beauty in her recent photo, squeezing her curves into a short dress and finishing with a pair of knee-high boots that admirers loved.

Liz Hurley went all out for her most jaw-dropping picture, including flashing her knickers.

The actress, 58, is no stranger to making people’s mouths drop with her impeccable style and dazzling social media pictures. Liz was at it again on Tuesday (October 24) when she posted a behind-the-scenes photograph in London.

The ageless beauty radiated glamour as she strutted her business around the UK city on Instagram. Liz, on the other hand, looked nothing short of stunning.

She hid her famed curves in a small black short dress for the shoot. The dress was double-breasted and had shoulder pads and long sleeves to add to the flair.

She accessorised the stunning look with a pair of thigh-high leather boots that were a hit with fans. Liz put her modelling skills to good use, striking various stunning postures around London.

She was filmed heading up the steps from behind at one point. Liz’s knickers were visible as she walked up due to the low perspective, which enraged her fans.

She just wrote, “London Town,” in the description, and coupled the video with the song, These Boots Are Made For Walking. And, as expected, Liz’s fans quickly discovered the

One individual who rushed over to the comments section commented, “Still the prettiest woman in the world.” Someone someone exclaimed, “Sеxy woman.”

A third person added, “Doesn’t get any sеxier than that.” Another user echoed their sentiments, writing, “She is sooo hot… her legs are made for boots.”

Liz recently stripped down to a small bikini for a steamy social media video. Liz crammed her legendary body into a small yellow two-piece bikini in the video. Her famous chest was barely controlled by the wide-open bra as she created a stunning stance.

Liz was every inch a goddess as she ran her fingers through her drenched hair and smiled at the camera. She then squeezed the water from her chocolate hair.

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