Mila thinks that not every Russian is an enemy for the globe only their government is enemy

Mila thinks that not every Russian is an enemy for the globe, only their government is enemy

As we all know, this actress has come from Ukraine, and everyone was interested in what she was thinking about this event that is happening.

She gave an interview to answer every question.

Finally, she was speaking about her feelings about this situation, about the tragedy that took place in her home country.

She said that she does not think of the Russian people as enemies,

and she also told that the one that is standing after this all is the Russian president. She did not tell her name, but everybody knows his name by heart as he is owning Russia already for ages.

She told that that man is the roof of all problems that we face nowadays.

He mentioned several times that she doesn’t feel anything bad about that nation and the war had its horrible effect on them too, as they can live as normal human beings,

and also there are economical crises in their country.

Only people in power are the author of this war. She told that was does not affect the USA, but she is worried about the Slovaks, about people that may be her relatives and family members.

As she has grown in the USA she feels more being from the USA, than Ukraine, but she has family there.

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