Monica Bellucci in a dress with a revеaling neckline appeared on an Italian TV show

Monica Bellucci in a dress with a revеaling neckline appeared on an Italian TV show

The 59-year-old actress became the star of a TV show. Monica Bellucci chose a stylish total black look with an interesting twist.

The world star with Italian roots is in excellent shape and remains one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Monica appeared on the Italian TV show “Che Tempo Che Fa” to promote her new film “Diabolik Chi Sei”.

Bellucci wore a tight black dress with a revealing sweetheart-shaped neckline and a skirt that fell just below her knees. The outfit emphasized the actress’s slender figure and her lush bust.

The look was completed with suede stiletto boots from Louboutin with a signature red sole. For jewelry, the star chose gold hula hoop earrings and several elegant rings.

Monica was given flawless makeup with smoky shadows, thin winged eyeliner, a delicate palette of blush and nude lipstick with a glossy sheen. The star chose a fashionable cascading haircut with bangs. The actress’s shiny dark hair was left to flow freely over her shoulders.

The ex-wife of Vincent Cassel appeared in the TV show studio in the company of 38-year-old actress Miriam Leone, who starred with her in a new project. Miriam also opted for total black, wearing an off-the-shoulder midi dress with an asymmetrical hem.

“I have been very lucky to have been in contact with Monica over the past month. Monica is a dear friend of women and I am truly happy to be here with her,” Leone said.

The film tells the story of Diabolik (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Ginko (Valerio Mastandrea), who are captured by bandits and locked in the same cell. Diabolik reveals his mysterious past to the inspector.

Meanwhile, Eva Kant (Miriam Leone) and Althea (Monica Bellucci) are desperately searching for their men, reports the Daily Mail.

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