On Thanksgiving, Heidi Klum looks stunning while dancing in a tiny white biкini

On Thanksgiving, Heidi Klum looks stunning while dancing in a tiny white biкini

The model was busting her careless moves in front of a lit fireplace and television.

In her most recent Instagram video, Heidi Klum, 50, seemed to be having a great time.

In the epic clip, which was shot on Thanksgiving, the model danced freely in front of a blazing fireplace and television while wearing a little white biкini underneath a flowing, open-front white overshirt. She also had sunglasses and a black baseball cap on over her long hair.

In the post’s description, the stunning woman disclosed that she was enjoying her guest TV appearance on the German series Die Bergretter. According to its IMDB website, the show centers on a mountain rescue service team that responds to crises in the German Alps.

A few posts regarding Heidi’s appearance were also uploaded on the official Instagram page of the show. “Our guest star Heidi Klum had to show true bravery,” the caption on one of the images said.

Additionally, they included her 34-year-old spouse Tom Kaulitz accompanying her and speaking with her in German.


Heidi made news last week when she went tjpless at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, which preceded her most recent dancing video and German TV appearance.

The blonde donned fishnet tights and black bodysuit-style bottoms with an open black leather jacket that showed off a glimpse of her bare chest. She was taking a sedսctive photo with Tom, who was wearing matching black pants and a sweater,

with her hair down and sunglasses perched on her head.

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