Pale as a ghost! Angie in a white dress and blowdryed hair

Pale as a ghost! Angie in a white dress and blowdryed hair

The Hollywood actress attended the event with her son, where she surprised the audience with her unsuccessful beauty look.

Yesterday, April 26, Angelina Jolie for the first time in a long time came out with her son at a charity event.

For her exit, she chose an airy white dress, which unsuccessfully emphasized her pallor – Angie looked more sickly than aristocratic.

A floor-length fitted dress, a midi-length jacket and a small clutch – individually, these things look stylish and impressive. But Jolie looked older than her years precisely because of the infantile splendor of the outfit – after all, strict lines and minimalism suit her much more!

Her hair received the most attention – obviously, the quality of the curls deteriorated due to the frequent hunger strikes that the actress arranges. It is known that she can only be water for days on end, which clearly does not benefit her hair.

Individually, a floor-length tailored dress, a midi-length jacket, and a little handbag appear chic and stunning. Jolie, however, appeared older than her years exactly because of the childish splendour of the dress; after all, she is much more attracted to clean lines and minimalism.

The focus was mostly on her hair because it was evident that the actress’s numerous hunger strikes had taken a toll on the curls’ quality. She can only stay submerged in water for days on end, which obviously isn’t good for her hair.

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