Ryan’s paternity confusion is over! Blake can now let himself flaunt in a tiny biкini again

Ryan’s paternity confusion is over! Blake can now let himself flaunt in a tiny biкini again

Blake Lively of Gossip Girl looked stunning in a small scarlet biкini as she advertised her beverages company Betty Buzz in a series of dripping wet photos beside the pool.

Blake Lively looked stunning in a little scarlet biкini as she posed for a series of dripping wet poolside photos.


The actress, who is married to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, posed for photos to promote her beverage company Betty Buzz.

Blake wore a bright crimson biкini bra top that was kept together by spaghetti straps and a little of luck, displaying her bronzed belly as she stroked an ice cold bottle of Betty’s on her naked chest.
Blake sat on a towel in the grass with her toned legs in the air, wearing a bright red see-through sun visor over her blonde curls tied into bunches.

Blake had water trickling down her arm, all over her bright red manicure, as she poured the drink into her mouth in another shot.

From Blake’s lipstick to the shadows cast by her visor, everything about the beautiful day was red.

Blake stated that she is “so thirsty” and surely left fans feeling the same way as she drank from the lemon-flavored drink.

Fans were ecstatic over the incredible shots, with one exclaiming, “It’s giving Red Blake’s version.”

“Tell Ryan that I love his wife!” Someone else concurred, and a third said, “Now THAT’S a properly executed thirst trap.”

Betty Buzz is a line of handcrafted effervescent beverages with tastes ranging from grapefruit to lime. Meanwhile, Blake has an alcoholic counterpart known as Betty Booze.

“Betty Booze comes from the lemonade recipe I made up 13 years ago for summer lemonade stands,” Blake explained to followers last month. Yeah. I still sell lemonade.

“Yeah, I really got into it in my twenties.” Obviously, the lemonade stand version is alcohol-free. And it sells out quickly.

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