Salma Hayek, 56, goes scuba diving in a bright yellow biкini: photo

Salma Hayek, 56, goes scuba diving in a bright yellow biкini: photo

Salma Hayek was beaming after her scuba diving adventure! See her most recent busty biкini photo here.

Salma Hayek, 56, is having the time of her life this summer! On Tuesday, Aug. 1, the Academy Award contender turned to Instagram to snap a lovely selfie of herself in a bright yellow biкini top after a scuba diving excursion.

In the photo, she grinned and sipped what appeared to be matching beers with her instructor, Martina Engel. They were still wearing their wetsuits on their lower halves. Salma captioned the photo, “Hanging out with my favorite dive master.”

Following their scuba diving adventure, Salma and Martina sat on a seat and ate some oranges in a second shot.

Salma appeared at ease as she nibbled on an orange while resting one foot on the seat and the other on the floor. Her bright red toenails stood out against the black and dark blue of her wetsuit.

Salma has been posting swimwеar photos all summer. Her most recent was two weeks ago, when she posed in a magenta one-piece in a pool lit up by the sun above. The House of Gucci actress captioned the July 23 image, “Enjoyed the great blessings of sun…

water… and love.” The first photo in her post, which can be seen below, showed her getting into a fight with her husband, businessman François-Henri Pinault.

Salma had previously released a busty training video of herself in a patterned two-piece in a pool to commemorate reaching 25 million Instagram followers. “25 million followers! I can’t believe it!”

“Thank you so much to each and every one of you,” she said in the caption. “Because you all like my biкini photos the best, here’s a biкini workout for you all.” I despise working out, but I enjoy celebrating happy times by dancing in the sea. I am deeply moved and appreciative for your love and support.”

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