Shared sweater – common husband! Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez came out in identical looks

Shared sweater – common husband! Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez came out in identical looks

Legends can already be made about the relationship between the star “trio” consisting of Ben Affleck and his two beloved Jennifers. It’s hard to say who his ideal soul mate really is. And the girls do not waste time and seem to deliberately drive their betrothed to madness.

In show business, Jennifer Lopez is known not only as a talented actress and singer, but also as an arrogant, capricious and simply unbearable person.

However, it was this woman who won Ben Affleck’s heart once and for all 20 years ago. A real fairy tale unfolded before our eyes, only instead of an evil stepmother, in reality there is an annoying ex.

Although in fact, Jennifer Garner definitely cannot be called a “thorn”: she has been living her own life for a long time and does not even try to compete with the shocking J. Lo.

In the actress’s wardrobe, there are more sports and stretchy items and a base that makes you want to yawn out of boredom. Garner’s appearances in public or on the roads in something elegant and laconic are very rare.

Every time the ex-spouses interact, they cause a wave of emotions and problems in Affleck’s current marriage. Although, it would seem that Lopez, as a mother who does not live with the father of her children, should understand the importance of this relationship. But Garner is raising three children alone!

So on our last weekend together, the autumn streets of Los Angeles suddenly became hot. On the same day, both Ben Affleck’s Jennifers wore very similar looks.

Yes, as if there are no other colors and textures in the world. Let’s start from the top: fashionable mint cardigans that create a “fluffy” effect differ only in the length of the sleeves – for Lopez they cover the palms, and for Garner they stop at the elbows.

One wears a white T-shirt underneath and another wears a T-shirt. Jeans of a similar color, but different models: the ex-wife has short moms, and the new wife has fashionable wide ones.

The only thing that differs is the shoes: in the picture on the left we see brown mules and clogs, while J.Lo appeared in white sneakers.

We don’t even know who emerged victorious from this battle, because Lopez appeared in the picture in the company of Ben, but Garner had two pairs of glasses in her hands. We hope that the omissions between women will stop soon, but for now we can only wait for new appearances – we think they won’t rust

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