She just pretends to be happy! Fans didn’t believe Selena Gomez’s hot photos with her boyfriend

She just pretends to be happy! Fans didn’t believe Selena Gomez’s hot photos with her boyfriend

Now in Selena’s life is a very difficult period. After all, Justin Bieber, whom everyone considered for a long time to be the main man in the singer’s life, is preparing to become a father.

The pregnancy of his wife, blogger and entrepreneur Hailey, became a real sensation when the Biebers decided to talk about it.

And while the young family shares touching photos together on social networks, Selena is trying to rebuild her life.

Over the past 10 years, Gomez has endured serious trials. First, a serious illness, due to which she needed a kidney transplant, and then the breakup with Bieber greatly undermined her.

During that period, Gomez gained a lot of weight and still cannot get into shape. Therefore, it is very difficult for Selena to cope with the popularity of Justin’s new wife.

The spectacular blonde Haley has not gained weight even now, in the last stages of pregnancy.

At the same time, Selena is trying as best she can to pretend that everything is fine with her. Recently the girl has become more active. Selena goes to literally every event.

In addition, at the end of last year, the singer said that she finally had a boyfriend. Gomez hadn’t dated anyone in almost 6 years, so this was very exciting news for fans.

But, apparently, the new relationship did not make Selena happy.

Recently, the girl was photographed by the paparazzi during her date with her new boyfriend Benny Blanco. The couple went to a restaurant together.

During dinner, the lovers did not hide their feelings. They kissed, not paying attention to the reporters. However, in the photographs that photographers took as they left the restaurant, fans noticed that Selena looked tired.

The singer wore a long, loose dress and no makeup at all. This image would hardly have belonged to Selena during the peak of her career.

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